Bep 20 or also known as Smartchain.

Smartchain is one of the blockchain technologies developed by Binance.

Binance is working with ethereum to develop Blockchain also known as Bep20.

A digital asset running on the Bep20 network has a smart contract defined according to the business model.

Here is the smart contract of the OneRichGroup token and NFT :

The smart contract of the ORG token is " 0x1767d519A11eE0A0073BE1941125Dc459F655B2E "

You can check in the following explorer https://bscscan.com/address/0x1767d519A11eE0A0073BE1941125Dc459F655B2E

Zephire's NFT smartcontracts are " 0xdB92bE5d6ef6136c3e8d54e161A10E83E4F4A113 "

Opensea NFT Zephire is https://opensea.io/collection/onerichgroup-zephyr

Claritya's NFT smartcontract are " 0x909a73b84C5D394d8fFbf1af87a6686dBdD814Ec "

Opensea NFT Claritya is https://opensea.io/collection/onerichgroup-claritya

Diamore's NFT smartcontracts are " 0xAE2650dFD2b0D435fc395EeDf2fd14e30AF9A354 "

Opensea NFT Diamore is https://opensea.io/collection/onerichgroup-diamore

Prismora's NFT smartcontracts are " 0x891a9b49c02bD3c87b89e7d0fAd209A4f5f7f440 "

Opensea NFT Prismora is https://opensea.io/collection/onerichgroup-prismora

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