💡Vision and Value

Vision and Values are the main consensus for ORG as a reliable digital asset.

Our Vision

Fair and Secure

With the various positive benefits of blockchain technology adopting a decentralized financial system.

OneRichGroup aims to create and maintain a crypto ecosystem that promotes fairness, security and transparency for all stakeholders.

Security is one of the most important aspects of protecting OneRichGroup assets and holder data.

Our Value

Full Transparancy

We are committed to building OneRichGroup on a Full Decentralized basis by adopting Blockchain and Web3.

We see that many traditional investors are tired of the traditional financial system which has a rigid effect of centralization.

In our Commitment, investors can check the OneRichGroup asset audit on the following third party link (Audit).

Full Control

1 of Phrase key in each wallet gives full control over the assets held by the Holder.

Neither party can check the personal data of the holder.

The adoption of blockchain and web3 on OneRichGroup DApps provides special convenience to each holder.

Holders have full rights to store or diversify assets without the intervention of any party.


NFT printing as the identity of OneRichGroup holders is a real adoption of Blockchain technology. Not only does Diamond's physical assets serve as an instrument for saving traditional investors' assets, traditional investors can also own diamond digital assets in NFTs.

NFTs minted can be saved as digital assets in each holder's personal wallet or can be staked in DeFi pools.

Staking the NFT on DeFi pools, holders take care of the ORG token minting network.

2M Max Supply of ORG tokens will be minted 10% annually from each holder participating in the DeFi pool.

Minting ORG tokens is claimed to be similar to the Bitcoin halving concept which has an impact on network stability in the long term.

Holders who participate in Defi, help keep the OneRichGroup network running.

Minting governance keeps ORG token supply circulation limited.

How many ORG tokens do you have?

Advanced Technology

OneRichGroup adopts Blockchain technology and web3.

This technology is trusted, the latest technology in the financial sector.

Security and full control of investors is a trend for modern investors to save their assets.

Holders can control their assets through a personal decentralized wallet integrated with Blockchain.


The speed of blockchain transactions in seconds makes it easy for OneRichGroup asset holders to manage and have full control of their assets.

Holders can liquidate their assets anytime and anywhere at low cost without third party authority.

In addition to saving assets, users have full rights to manage their assets in the DeFi pool available on the OneRichGroup DApps.

The rewards obtained can provide more benefits for OneRichGroup asset holders.

Eficiency energy

NFT and ORG tokens use the Smartchain blockchain technology.

Smartchain is considered more scope friendly because it uses a PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus. Consensus has a positive impact on users such as transaction speed, low fees, and scope friendliness.

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