One Rich Group white paper v01 - Developing a business model based on Rich consensus and Rich holders.
Here we start,
Global economic conditions weakened due to increased risk of stagflation, global financial market uncertainty, inflationary pressures, and the geopolitical situation.
Many countries are affected by rising dollar inflation, or a prolonged war. That creates a condition of uncertainty.
This further reinforces that a centralized economic system has a rigid impact and dependence on policy makers.
In condition, information began to emerge about the closure of banks in all of the world every day.
The weakening of the centralized system provides another preference for traditional investors to save assets. Traditional investors save their assets in precious metals, mutual funds, and digital assets.
Before the emergence of digital technology, traditional investors only had a preference for saving assets in works of art and objects that were considered to have high economic value. Even happened when paintings, sculptures, or koi fish were sold at high prices.
The presence of blockchain technology has a positive impact on investors to recognize the positive impact of the modern financial system.
This impact can be seen with the worldwide market capitalization of crypto assets which has penetrated more than $ 1 trillion.
Blockchain adoption is growing rapidly in a variety of sectors, just as in the field of artwork, many artists sell their digital paintings in NFTs.
The total NFT market cap touches $15 Billion or 1.5% of the total global cryptocurrency market cap. The positive trend of NFTs being accepted by investors as a digital asset instrument is the reason behind OneRichGroup issuing NFTs as a digital asset identity for holders or investors.
Investors' love for diamonds can be obtained in the form of the OneRichGroup NFT.
OneRichGroup NFTs run on smartchain networks, and can be owned through the large NFT marketplace, Opensea.
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